Brass Fasteners

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Brass Anchors Available finish in fasteners are :

Tin Plated, Nickel Plated, Electro Polished, Buff Natural Brass, Chrome Plated Brass Anchors Brass Anchor fasteners expansion fasteners Concrete anchors plugs slotted anchors Available in Metric as well as imperial threads. Anchor Used on Wall mounting Brass wall concrete anchors slotted expansion plugs anchors available in 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 16mm and 1/4" 5/16" 3/8" 1/2" 5/8" threads.

In Case Of Turned Machine Screws...
Brass Fasteners
  • Free Cutting Brass IS 319 Type (I) or
  • Free Cutting Brass As Per BS 249 Type (I) or
  • High Grade Free Cutting Brass
  • Any Special Brass Material Composition As Per Customers Requirement.

In Case Of Cold Forged Machine Screws...

- Brass as per IS 4413 or
- BS 2874/Cz108 or
- High grade mild steel in case cold forged Machine Screws

Any kind of fasteners, brass fasteners, fasteners bolt, fasteners nut can be developed and supplied exactly as per customers drawings and specifications.

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