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Brass Pins pillars Earthing pin for electrical plugs sockets industrial plugs and sockets along with fuses for electrical appliance plugs. Live Brass pins, male female pins, neutral Brass pins and Brass wins with earth terminals available. Pins for U.K. 3 pin plugs and sockets available. Moulding pins terminals for all electrical accessories plugs pin and sockets available. Brass Pins Electric pins for Plugs Pins sockets Accessories Wirings accessories Brass Neutral live pins Electrical Brass Pins

We offer brass electrical accessories and wiring accessories including cable glands and cable glands accessories.

Our products range in brass cable glands and cable glands accessories include BW type cable gland, CW type cable gland, E1W type cable gland, A2, A1/A2 type cable gland, Alco type cable gland, PG type cable gland, marine cable gland, TRS cable gland, split bolt cable gland, aluminum cable gland and accessories, wiping gland and brass flexible adaptor.

We also manufacture various types of electrical accessories as per customer's drawings or specifications.

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